Statement of Mission and Philosophy

Our mission here at SBP is to be an excellent, child centered, early child development program. Through our programs for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers, each child can grow and develop cognitively, physically, emotionally and loving within a loving atmosphere. We believe each child is a unique person valued for his/her own worth. A love of learning is fostered through an environment that is rich with opportunities for growth in a variety of activities and experiences. By offering a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials. Standard Bearers preschool gives every child the opportunity of building self-while experiencing challenge and success.

About us

Welcome to Standard Bearers preschool, where learning is for a lifetime! Standard Bearers preschool is a high-quality, year-round school for children six weeks-5years of age. We also provide before and aftercare for school-age children and summer camps. At Standard Bearers preschool, we realize that each child has their learning style. We believe in the flexibility of a curriculum to better fit the individuality of our children. We use the high-reach curriculum as a tool combined with state and national standards to prepare your child. We work to tailor learning activities that are based upon your child’s level and learning styles. No one method or purchased curriculum will be effective for all children. We assess academics monthly to monitor progress and ensure growth; we partner with parents to achieve these goals because we know that our parents are Children’s first and essential teachers, and we want to support you in that role.

Welcome to Standard Bearers preschool, where learning is for a lifetime!